Welcome to The Conservatory

In a world driven by commerce, materialism and uncertainty, where passion is so often replaced by necessity, there is a destination, which enables one to transcend these boundaries.

At The Conservatory, located in the breath-taking Franschhoek Happy Valley, we offer a space in which you and your guests may elude suburbia and the city, and come and relax out in the country. Nestled on the banks of the Kastaiing River, The Conservatory is set amongst vineyards, ancient oaks and herb gardens, presenting an absolute hidden gem of a venue for any event of your choice.

Our Inspiration – light and energy as the key components

Due to the fact that we here in sunny South Africa are blessed with such superlative weather, we decided to build a venue focusing on facilitating, el fresco functions, during which our guests could fully appreciate the beauty of the surroundings whilst playing, working, loving or laughing.

We created the space, using light and energy as the key components, in order to allow for a free flow of indoor/outdoor harmony. Two sides of the structure are entirely clad in sliding glass panels, with the apex of the roof standing at nearly six metres.

The philosophy behind the design was to establish a simple yet stylish, inspiring, but functional and versatile destination, catering to a discerning clientele. Warm neutral wall colours, large twin feature fire places and all movables set on castors, present a blank canvas with which one can easily create and package any occasion.

“ You can fall in love at first sight with a place as with a person ”Alex Waugh

Planning YOUR Wedding

Whether you are planning a small intimate wedding or a lavish affair, we will meet every single one of your requirements. From concept to creation, you are ensured of flexibility, and attention to detail as well as helpful and friendly service.

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Launching YOUR Product

The Conservatory provides the perfect platform to which you can invite your client base or potential clients to attend a powerful product launch. A unique and inspiring space with a memorable backdrop that simply cannot fail to impress.

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Hosting YOUR Conference

Selecting the appropriate conference or incentive venue is of paramount importance. You want to project the right image to your target audience. The Conservatory is the perfect space to facilitate a truly rewarding conference.

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Shooting YOUR film

The Conservatory and The Villa is the perfect blank canvas for any still or film shoots. The space is unique, elegant and versatile. The light and energy of the natural surroundings facilitate a stunning indoor/outdoor studio with uninterrupted views all year round.

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“ Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries ”Corita Kent